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Aluminium foil/film laniminated fiberglass fabric

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Aluminum foil/film laminated fiberglass fabrics

The combination of laminating an aluminum metallic/film heat shield to a layer of protective fiberglass insulation protects personnel or equipments by reflecting radiant heat. Suntex uses the high temperature adhesive to ensure the maximum working temperature up to 150 0C.

-One side or both sides aluminum foil/film laminated available.

-Thickness of aluminum foils available from 0.0007mm to 0.005 mm

-Width of fabrics available from 1000mm to 1520mm.


Main applications:

-Heat-retardant curtains or screens

-Thermal insulation covers, mattress and pads

-Welding/fire protection

-Safety cloth and apron

-Other fire and smoke control systems

Main specifications